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    Drivewayguys.ca Canada’s #1 Driveway Repair and Maintenance Company.
    Contact # 905-665-6937
  • Drivewayguys.ca
    Drivewayguys.ca Canada’s #1 Driveway Repair and Maintenance Company.
    Contact # 905-665-6937
  • Drivewayguys.ca
    Drivewayguys.ca Canada’s #1 Driveway Repair and Maintenance Company.
    Contact # 905-665-6937
  • Drivewayguys.ca
    Drivewayguys.ca Canada’s #1 Driveway Repair and Maintenance Company.
    Contact # 905-665-6937

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Ed and his crew always do a great job...I am always impressed with how quick he responds and how easy he is to deal with. He has fair prices, and takes great care with his work.
I honestly don't know why anyone would buy the water-based driveway sealer from the hardware store...the price is about the same, the quality is not as good, and you have to do the work yourself.
Calling Ed is much easier.
Posted By: Joe
These guys are very quick and very good at what they do. Ed was super responsive to my inquiry. I needed a 2-car driveway sealed and a small hole filled in one corner. After e-mailing the company to get some information, Ed was at my home the very same day to provide a quote. The work was scheduled for the next day, and the work was done to a very high standard. The interlock pavers on either side did not have a drop of oil, which shows a lot of care and attention was put in. I can't say the same for some other companies I've seen. Highly recommend Ed and The Driveway Guys!
Posted By: Mike
Mike in Toronto, toronto
Ed responded to my HomeStars request quickly, came out the next day for an extimate and the next week, the work was done. The job was a 4 car driveway with a large spot to be repaired. From the repair work to the sealing, top notch service. No overspray with the sealing and great experience!
Posted By: Steve
One man showed up a day after I asked for a quote and did a great job sealing my double driveway. The man was friendly and completed the work quickly with no overstay.
Posted By: Charlotte
I have used these guys a few times, last time was 2015 and the driveway still looks really good. They trim the grass on the sides of you driveway, clean it up, and spray the sealant. Very neat, nothing on the house, sidewalk, or grass.
Posted By: RM
Newmarket, ON
There is a reason why "Driveway Guys" have our repeated business.They are fast to respond, very professional and courteous. Rates are reasonable and job very well done. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone, family or friend. Driveway looks great. Thank you Ed and your team. Elizabeth and Ken
Posted By: Elizabeth
This review is long over due, I FEEL terrible its late, but better late then never! THESE guys are truly amazing! We were new to Brooklin in OCtober and they showed excellent customer service, and ED was very quick to get back to me! I will be using them again! Its always nice when you can tell people actually care about what they are doing and the customers they are serving! TEN stars is not ENOUGH!
Posted By: Stephanie
Whitby, ON
Driveway was in need of a reseal. Called Ed at driveway guys in Brooklyn. He was pleasant to deal with and said they had an opening the next day.
They delivered as promised.Driveway looks great.
Very pleased.
Would recommend to others.
Posted By: Private User
Oshawa, ON
Ed and his crew did a fantastic job repairing a gap in our driveway and sealing it. The initial repair job was botched by another contractor last year and it looked terrible.
Driveway Guys came along and performed a top-notch repair so it now looks really nice. Add to that a great job sealing the driveway after the repair and the driveway now looks amazing!
I highly recommend Driveway Guys.
Posted By: BJW647
Whitby, ON
Ed and his team are absolutely amazing! We had an oil leak on our driveway after having it done last summer, driveway guys were able to fix it up, and make it look brand new for a great price!
The great service didn't stop there... while watering my garden water leaked onto the driveway leaving a very noticeable streak. I phoned Ed, who was able to give me some suggestions on how to fix it (before the husband got home!) When that didn't work he offered to come by and patch it up for us at no cost!
I recommend driveway guys in Whitby to anyone looking to do their driveway!! Great work and very friendly staff!!
Posted By: Angela
Whitby, ON

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